Klauber Machine and Gear (KMG) was founded in the 1950’s in St. Louis, MO as an industrial machinery sales company. Since Klauber was already selling gear fabrication equipment, the company evolved into also using those machines and started producing gears and related components for OEM customers. Frank Parker, the present owner, purchased the company in 1985. Based on his previous gearmotor industry experience, Mr. Parker elected to focus the company on the manufacture of AC and DC fractional horsepower gearmotors. Due to continued steady customer growth in the gearmotor business over the next years, KMG outgrew its original facility in St. Louis and relocated to its current modern facility in Pacific, MO (St. Louis suburb) in 1999. The KMG business now specializes in the design and manufacture of fractional horsepower gearmotors, with only a small portion still dedicated to custom gear and component fabrication.


KMG is continuously updating equipment, processes and our facility. In addition to moving into our new 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, we continue to update our manufacturing processes, including our automated gear hobbing department and our CNC machining center and lathe departments. We employ a variety of proven manufacturing techniques and constantly search for improved and more efficient processes to control or cut costs. As further value-added to our customers, we test each gearmotor that we build under load prior to shipment, to assure proper function. Through these on-going efforts, we can offer decreasing lead times to customers along with increasing quality performance. Typical OEM lead times range from 8-10 weeks. All gear hobbing/machining, gearmotor assembly, product design and development, and in-house customer service are located in our Pacific, MO, USA facility. Klauber is a member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).

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