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AC and DC fractional horsepower gear motor

Your AC and DC Gear Motor Power Source

Founded in the 1950's, Klauber Machine & Gear Co. specializes in the design and manufacture of fractional horsepower gear motors.

Designing & Manufacturing Gear Motors

Klauber Machine and Gear, a part of the electronics division of Global Point Technologies Grouphas a large range of fractional horsepower gear motors that are designed to maximize flexibility. Parallel and right angle output shaft styles are available with AC or DC gear motors. Take advantage of our varying sizes and torque ranges to find the gear motor that fits your application.

Our operation opened up in the 1950s and has evolved to offer next-level gear motors while maintaining our communicative custom motors process. At Klauber, we are proud to deliver the best value to price ratio among fractional horsepower gear motor manufacturers. We’ll provide you with the right gear motor at the right price, every time.

Take a look below at our range of right-angle gear motors, parallel shaft (in-line), parallel shaft (offset) or custom gearbox options. We also offer considerable support for both sales and technical questions. We’re always happy to connect and answer any questions you may have regarding our speed reducer gearboxes or our high-end DC gear motors.

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