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Klauber Gear office building

Klauber Machine & Gear (KMG) began in the 1950s as an industrial machinery sales company. Klauber expanded their business as a gear motor manufacturer to utilize their machines to produce gears and industiral machinery components. By 1999, KMG outgrew its St. Louis facility and relocated to its current location in Pacific, MO. The KMG business now specializes in the design and manufacture of fractional horsepower gear motors.

At Klauber, we pride ourselves on having the best value to price ratio among gear motor manufacturers in the industry. Designing and manufacturing the right gear motor, at the right price, on time is what we do for our customers. Our product offer includes parallel shaft and right-angle gear motors by combining our gear assemblies with AC and DC motors. The professional and experienced KMG engineering and manufacturing teams can perform various value-added functions specifically for OEM manufacturers.

We continue to exceed our customer's expectations as we enhance the design of our next-generation gear motors to support each OEM's product evolution. At Klauber, we want to be your first choice when it comes to gear motors and gear motor systems. Does your application require something unique, or are you not finding standard products that fit your needs? We routinely customize our gear motors to meet our customers' exact requirements. Contact us today to discuss your gear motor needs!