Custom Gearbox & Motor Solutions

At Klauber Machine & Gear, we believe that sophistication is having the right gear motor for your application, not the one sitting on a distributor’s shelf. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, we can easily and cost-effectively provide custom solutions for small to mid-sized machine builders, as well as large OEMs. We routinely customize gear motors for companies that are looking for the RIGHT solution for their unique needs. Our experienced engineering team will work with you to determine the best motor and gearing combination for your application. Finally, sophistication meets simplicity!


Application-specific Gear Motor Solutions:

With our wide range of motor options and the ability to create custom gear assemblies, we can provide the specific torque or speed required for your applications.


Custom Mounting Configurations:

For face mount configurations, we can provide a variety of bolt patterns to adapt to your application. If a face mount configuration won’t work, we can provide foot mount patterns as well as unique mounting adapters.


Custom Shaft Diameters and Configurations:

Cross hole, keyed, or flat, we can provide the specific shaft configurations to fit your specific needs. KMG also offers a variety of shaft diameters and hollow shaft options.


Bearing & Seal Options

Sleeve bearings are standard, but for specific applications, customers can upgrade to needle bearings or ball bearing options.


Integrated Controls:

No room for a control panel? Is space a concern for your application? By partnering with American Control Electronics (ACE), we can create unique motor controls that contain feedback, I/O, and communications in a single compact, integrated assembly. This often leads to easier ordering, faster installation, and space savings.


Private Labeling:

Chances are you’ve seen KMG products in the field and didn’t know it. We private label our products under various brand names specific to our OEM customers. If you’re interested in having brand loyalty and custom gear motor options, then a private label may be the solution for you.