K440 Series Gear Motor

KMG’s K440 gearbox has been designed with versatility in mind. The modular design accommodates a wide array of motor types, gear ratios, and shaft configurations to fit any application. The K440’s standard face mounting patterns allow it to seamlessly replace numerous industrial gearmotors available in the marketplace. Its gearbox comes pre-filled with grease, guaranteeing a lifetime of hassle-free operation. Robust ball bearing construction in the K440 eliminates concerns of premature bearing failure, even in harsh and demanding environments.
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Motor Options

Model #Motor Type (Voltage Options)RPM RangeTorque Range* (in. lbs.)
K440 PMDC (12V, 24V or 90V) 1 - 161 28 - 350
1Φ AC (115V or 230V) 1 - 242 24 - 350
3Φ AC (115V, 230V or 460V) 1 - 242 24 - 350

Configuration Options

Shaft Diameter 5/8" -
Shaft Configuration Single Shaft -
Shaft Feature Keyed or Cross Hole Flat or Spline
Mounting Face Mount Foot Mount
Gear Box Bearings Ball Bearings
Accessories Brake -