compact metal in-line parallel shaft gear motor

K800 Series | Compact + Small Gear Motor

This compact gear motor allows for use in applications where space is limited. Combine that accessibility with our selection of AC or DC motor types with varying torque ranges.
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Motor Options

Model #Motor Type (Voltage Options)RPM RangeTorque Range* (in. lbs.)
K800 PMDC (12V, 24V or 90V) 10 - 580 1.7 - 75
1Φ AC (115V or 230V) 5 - 118 40 - 75

*Output torque is a calculated average and gear limited.

Configuration Options

Shaft Diameter 3/8" 1/2" or 5/8"
Shaft Configuration Single Shaft -
Shaft Feature Keyed or Cross Hole Flat or Spline
Mounting Face Mount -
Gear Box Bearings Sleeve Bearings Needle Bearings
Accessories Brake -